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Hatago Consulting is an experienced consulting firm that develops and delivers digital marketing strategies primarily to businesses in the travel industry targeting customers and travelers visiting Japan. Due to the increasing number of foreign visitors to Japan and globalization of the market in recent years, opportunities to attract prospects and customers are abundant.

Enhance your marketing efforts, grow your customer base and increase revenues through our customized strategic plans. We work on B2B and B2C projects in several different sectors with one focus in mind: to deliver the best inbound marketing results.

Multilingual Team

We use language as a tool to assist any business into multilingual markets.

Experts in Japan Tourism

旅行事業で培った、 外国人旅行者の思考を読み取ります。

Your Growth Partner

Whether it is inbound marketing, consultancy, or design, we are focused on results.

Are you planning your first inbound campaign?

The number of foreign visitors to Japan increases every year. Relationships with clients start before they come to Japan. We are well equipped to help you get the right content to the right audience at the right time.

Hatago Consulting provides consulting for customers and proposes the best marketing solutions. There are several ways to approach a marketing campaign – we test ideas to see what works best for your company and make the appropriate adjustments to continually improve results.

Share your business goals with us

Our team will research, plan and create a proposal

We will deliver and measure the results

Our Recent Work
『Overseas Influencer Casting』

Hatago Consulting developed and executed a campaign with Chiara Ferragni, also known as the world’s top influencer.

We are dedicated to meet your business goals through influencer marketing. Our network allows us to pair the right cast with the right campaign.

Looking to grow your business? We’re here.