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Our Mission

Hatago Consulting’s mission is to provide effective digital marketing solutions to Japanese companies to help them gain global recognition. We understand the value and importance of communication; not all consumers receive information in the same way. It is essential for a business that wants to expand internationally to communicate effectively to its customers overseas.

We support businesses in the journey to create, integrate and manage the best digital marketing strategy by offering complete support in SNS marketing, influencer marketing, website production, and more.

Industries we have covered: Inbound (thanks to our travel agency Hatago Travel), hospitality, fashion, health supplements, gaming, and education.


Why Hatago Consulting?

Hatago Consulting


Our team is made up of young professionals who grew up in the digital era and are active users. This means we know and understand the elements of digital marketing.

Hatago Consulting


Our diverse team consists mostly of foreigners from different cultures, backgrounds, and nationalities. We know the perspective of foreigners, what they want, and how to communicate with them.

Hatago Consulting


SNS trends and strategies are evolving day by day. We stay up-to-date at the same speed as global trends to guarantee you the best approach to overseas digital marketing.

Hatago Consulting


We have a great global network and offer the best solutions based on real data in the targeted country. Our market research adapts to the culture and circumstances, which ensures the most accurate information to help develop a winning digital strategy.



Every business has different needs, goals and possibilities. For those reasons, we don’t offer fixed packages but we create customized plans for each client instead. While taking into consideration all the different elements, we are able to create strategies that guarantee real results on your investment.


Company Name Hatago Consulting Co. ltd
Business SNS Marketing|WEB Marketing|PR Marketing
Group Hatago Consulting Co. ltd
Location 104-0061 WeWork Ginza Six 6-10-1, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 13F
C.E.O. Tatsuya Yamaji
Phone 03-6661-0037


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