Benefits of SNS Advertising

Social networking sites (SNS for short) are online platforms where people from different regions of the world interact with each other for different purposes like business, trading and chatting. Some of the most famous social networking sites are Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Social networking sites have become very common for different purposes such as for entertainment or instant messaging and a large proportion of people also use these sites for running advertisements to boost their businesses.

What is SNS advertising?

SNS advertising is a form of advertisement which relies on social networking sites.  People or businessmen advertise their products and services on these online sites like YouTube or Facebook in a number of ways that include targeting a specific audience that might be a potential customer. This prospect is then converted to a customer through a digital marketing process. In this way, the circle and success of a business is boosted to several folds.

Benefits of SNS Advertising

Benefits of SNS Advertising

In the past, conventional methods of advertisements were used (and still used today). Advertising on sign boards and through different other methods doesn’t prove useful because of  several drawbacks and limitations. On the other hand, SNS advertising is not only cheaper and sometimes free, but also has many benefits over the conventional methods. Following are some prominent benefits and advantages of SNS advertising:

  • Targeted audience or viewers 

A very big advantage of SNS advertising is that you can control your audience. In conventional type of advertising, usually everyone is compelled to watch or see the ad. People see the ad regardless if they are interested in the product and this can negatively affect a company’s reputation. On the other hand, with social networks advertising, audiences are selected and ads are created accordingly. The ads are seen by an audience who wants to see them and are made in a way that resonates with the audience. This allows a company to connect with prospective customers who are more likely to convert rather than customers who have no interest at all.

  • Greater number of audiences 

One drawback of conventional advertisement is that the audience is limited; if a signboard or ad banner is placed on a building, it can reach people from only that specific area. SNS advertising, however, can be seen by global communities. More than three billion people use smartphones around the world and these three billion people surely use the internet and social networking sites on their smartphone. Once an ad is placed on the internet, it becomes accessible to those three billion people from any part of the world without boundaries of region, language or culture.  A larger audience means a larger number of prospects and consequently, a larger number of customers. In this way, SNS advertising can prove very helpful for businesses that wish to reach a larger audience and creates great opportunities for businesses that want to expand globally.

  • Increased brand visibility and loyalty 

Because there are billions of daily internet users, social advertisements are the best way to increase brand popularity and visibility. The same people who see these advertisements can easily share and distribute the content to others. If people share products that they like and include positive feedback, others can see that the company is trustworthy. The opposite can happen too – customers share negative reviews encouraging others to avoid that company. Fortunately, companies that have happy and loyal customers have a greater opportunity to attract new ones.

  • Easy and fast approach to customers 

A flaw in traditional advertising is that that the negotiation or chat between customers and provider only occurs if the customer reaches the supplier. Through social networking services ads, it has become possible for the service provider to contact the customer once they visit the site. Ads can also be served on other websites and seen by customers while they are browsing the internet for entertainment but not exactly trying to shop. This point has proved very beneficial in growing and boosting business as customers are easily approachable.

  • Provide complete details about product

Social network advertising allows customers to get complete details about a product or service that is being advertised and in addition, be exposed to related items similar to what they are looking for. The user is first attracted to the advertisement that, then brought to the product page that features a more thorough presentation of the product. The information that they get can influence their buying decision. This opportunity is sometimes impossible in traditional advertising due to space or time limitations.

  • Reduction in marketing rates/price

Conventional methods of advertisement costs a large amount and can be quite expensive in relation to conversion rates. Advertisers are required to invest a considerably large amount of money for advertising that is on display for a predetermined period of time. SNS advertising has removed this problem and has provided businesses with a facility of advertisement at a lower cost with higher conversion. Most social networking sites offer the feature for businesses to set their budgets and later adjust it, which reduces advertisement expenses that can be used towards other business efforts.

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