Twitter in Japan – why you should include it in your marketing strategy

Twitter is one of the most popular social network in Japan and it's important to include it in a digital marketing strategy targeting Jaopanese market.

E-commerce in Japan

The market scale of Japan's e-commerce is one of the tops in the world, but it's important to consider some key-point to obtain results in this market.

The importance of Video in Japanese Marketing

In the digital world, the importance of video is increasing every day, with a higher number of users spending more time on this format. Including video in your digital strategy becomes even more important for users if you want to enter a market like the Japanese one where the video is definitely the higher content search and watch by the users.

Influencer Casting

Which Type of Influencer should I use for my business?

To market to the Japanese, Influencer marketing is a very powerful tool that can help your business in establishing a presence in Japan and attract Japanese customers. But even before choosing the specific influencer for your brand, it’s important to understand which type of influencer is better to use to your specific case to achieve our goals, considering how the Japanese people use each social media and the social media trend in Japan.

How to market to Japanese Customers

There are some specific factors to consider for successfully market to Japanese customers. Learn the basic things to consider to success in Japanese marketing.

Difficulties of advertise in Japan

Advertise in Japanese is different from the rest of the world and it becomes essential work with a consulting company, with knowledge of the Japanese market.

Health & Fitness apps Trend in Japan 2021

COVID 19 has let to a 67% increase in health and fitness app downloads and are expected to grow for some time in the future. In addition to COVID 19 which caused people to exercise on their own and manage their health using apps, another big reason for these types of services being popular is […]

Mobile App Market Trend in Japan

Number of downloads hit record high during COVID 19 In 2020,  due to the global spread of the new coronavirus,  almost all genre of business was shifted to online.  More services were adapted to become available online, and as a result, 218 billion mobile apps were downloaded worldwide in 2020, a record high.  In addition, […]

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