E-commerce in Japan

The market scale of Japan's e-commerce is one of the tops in the world, but it's important to consider some key-point to obtain results in this market.

Stealth Marketing: a double-edged sword for business campaign

Stealth marketing is one of the digital marketing strategies advertising a product or service to a person, without them knowing they are being marketed to. Let's discover the benefit and risk of this type of marketing and understand the importance of a wise strategy.

Digital Marketing for Fashion & Clothing Brands

Fashionistas and brands alike have become vigilant to make their personality and looks more eye-catching in order to gain public attention. For this reason, they look for the best, stylish and trendy outfits. They also frequently update their wardrobe with festive and seasonal attire. The internet is the best resource for purchasing seasonal and stylish clothes from different brands; it saves time, buyers have unlimited options and discounts, and it can be done from anywhere at any moment. Because of this, digital marketing is gaining momentum in the ongoing era of marketing as it occupies a bigger space in e-commerce.

How Long to See Marketing Results?

How Long to See Marketing Results?

We have talked about digital marketing before, what it is, and how it can help you. What we have not spoken about is time, and time is precious when it comes to business. We want to clarify some things because we know there is a lot of misinformation and even scams when it comes to promising results related to the use of digital marketing.


Digital Marketing for Language Schools

The digital world has been a crowded area for over a decade now but the last few months have multiplied the crowd manifold. Every entity can compete in this digital world and utilize it to their benefit. Language schools are no different.

Hotel Digital Marketing Strategies

Hotel Digital Marketing Strategies

When customers are planning a short getaway or long vacation, how do they decide which hotel to book? With today’s wide variety of platforms and websites, it’s no wonder why booking customers would feel perplexed by the sheer diversity of hotels offered at destination.

Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing?

Stores and businesses are based on a single principle - they need to make profits to keep their operations going. How does any company make a profit though? The answer is by selling their products or getting paid for their services.

Sales vs Marketing

The Difference Between Sales and Marketing

The approach to business and the market has evolved over time. Specialists have theorized and developed a new branch of study called “marketing”. Marketing is the science that studies the different techniques and strategies used to improve the commercialization of a product.

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