What is Inbound Marketing?

People in the business ecosystem know that sales conquer all. If the sales are coming in, everything you are doing is right. There are two ways to increase sales: by reaching out to the potential customers and the other, by letting your potential customers reach you. Inbound marketing targets both of these ways to make sure that your digital marketing strategy is efficient.

How Long to See Marketing Results?

How Long to See Marketing Results?

We have talked about digital marketing before, what it is, and how it can help you. What we have not spoken about is time, and time is precious when it comes to business. We want to clarify some things because we know there is a lot of misinformation and even scams when it comes to promising results related to the use of digital marketing.


Inbound Tourism and Digital Marketing – When You’ll See Results

We have previously discussed how long it takes to see results from digital marketing strategies, but now we are going to have a close look specifically at the tourism industry to understand how long it takes for inbound tourism results. For inbound tourism, in addition to basic factors (competition, budget, and brand awareness), it is important to consider the time needed during the decision process of the customers.

Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing?

Stores and businesses are based on a single principle - they need to make profits to keep their operations going. How does any company make a profit though? The answer is by selling their products or getting paid for their services.

Sales vs Marketing

The Difference Between Sales and Marketing

The approach to business and the market has evolved over time. Specialists have theorized and developed a new branch of study called “marketing”. Marketing is the science that studies the different techniques and strategies used to improve the commercialization of a product.

digital marketing

Benefits of Digital Marketing

The number of foreign visitors to Japan increases year after year and with recent globalization of the market, now is a great opportunity to shift to digital marketing. Not only that,  the quantity of people who go online is a number that is continuously increasing.

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