Influencer Casting

Which Type of Influencer should I use for my business?

To market to the Japanese, Influencer marketing is a very powerful tool that can help your business in establishing a presence in Japan and attract Japanese customers. But even before choosing the specific influencer for your brand, it’s important to understand which type of influencer is better to use to your specific case to achieve our goals, considering how the Japanese people use each social media and the social media trend in Japan.

Stealth Marketing: a double-edged sword for business campaign

Stealth marketing is one of the digital marketing strategies advertising a product or service to a person, without them knowing they are being marketed to. Let's discover the benefit and risk of this type of marketing and understand the importance of a wise strategy.

Micro and Nano Influencers

Micro and Nano Influencers, a powerful choice for higher conversion.

In this article we are going to focus on the importance of micro and nano influencers and explain why, even their number of followers is smaller, they are a great choice for your business. According to several national observation centers on Influencer Marketing (US, Italy, UK), an average of 75% of Influencer Marketing Campaign are done with Micro and Nano Influencers. But why exactly are these types of influencers becoming more popular and sought after by big brands? In a nutshell, it’s all about the authenticity of these influencers and the engagement they conjure.

Why Buying Followers is a Bad Idea

A higher number of followers doesn’t mean that products will sell or that your business will gain money. The way to have actual revenue is only if those people are genuinely interested in what you have to offer. If those people are not real or were attracted to your page from suspicious strategies, it wouldn’t mean anything to your business. Don’t be fooled by the impression that more followers automatically translates to more sales.

What is Influencer Marketing

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is a form of online marketing that is essentially promoting a product or service using a person who is able to influence the choice of those that follow him/her. Sure, it’s a form of advertising, but in an era where we are surrounded by promotion and advertising that we tend to skip, influencer marketing is a way to overcome the natural barrier that we all have built up against pure publicity. The perception of a product promoted by an influencer is totally different from the feeling we get from traditional marketing.

Digital Marketing Mistakes

Why doesn’t my marketing campaign work? There are a number of marketing mistakes that a company makes that yield poor results and leave the team questioning why the campaign doesn’t work. Marketers can agree on the reasons why a company should implement a communication strategy on social networks, the importance of having a Facebook page and the reasons that you should invest money for this.

Hotel Digital Marketing Strategies

Hotel Digital Marketing Strategies

When customers are planning a short getaway or long vacation, how do they decide which hotel to book? With today’s wide variety of platforms and websites, it’s no wonder why booking customers would feel perplexed by the sheer diversity of hotels offered at destination.


Choosing the Right Influencer

Influencer marketing is the use of popular content creators to promote a product or brand to a specific audience. These content creators are paid to showcase the brand to their loyal audience of viewers, readers, or followers.

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