Health & Fitness apps Trend in Japan 2021

COVID 19 has let to a 67% increase in health and fitness app downloads and are expected to grow for some time in the future. In addition to COVID 19 which caused people to exercise on their own and manage their health using apps, another big reason for these types of services being popular is […]

Mobile App Market Trend in Japan

Number of downloads hit record high during COVID 19 In 2020,  due to the global spread of the new coronavirus,  almost all genre of business was shifted to online.  More services were adapted to become available online, and as a result, 218 billion mobile apps were downloaded worldwide in 2020, a record high.  In addition, […]

Business strategy development

What is Strategy Development?

Imagine that you’re applying for a job to train a professional soccer team. The interviewer will ask you what your goals are, how will you help the team become better, how will you lead them to achieve those goals, etc. Then, let’s say that you lead your team to the final game of a prestigious championship. You have to prepare your players to face other players that have been training hard and are very talented. How will you tackle this? Strategy.


Benefits of Data-Driven Marketing

Gone are the days when marketers prepared marketing campaigns for untargeted masses. The digital age has widened the spectrum that now allows data-driven approach in terms of marketing. According to Forbes Insights, companies that use data-driven marketing are 55% more successful.

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