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China is a rapidly growing consumer market. More and more companies throughout the world are looking for ways to develop their marketing, branding, and communication that is relevant to Chinese consumers.

A censorship system exists in China, referred to as the Great Firewall, that blocks Chinese people from using SNS platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. Therefore, Chinese digital marketing requires the use of China’s unique SNS platforms. Using Chinese SNS platforms makes it possible to reach this audience and results in conversions on already existing channels (company’s website or international sale platform) that are accessible internationally.

Difficulties of Chinese Digital Marketing

There are several difficulties to consider if your business wants to reach the Chinese market.

  • Chinese Language – Chinese SNS setting and usage are available only in Chinese. Overcoming the language barrier can be challenging.
  • Chinese Culture – Knowledge of Chinese culture and habits is mandatory to maintain a good reputation and avoid negative feedback. Information spreads quickly, especially the negative ones.
  • High Cost of Advertising – Advertising fees in China for the most popular platforms are very expensive due to high potential and competition. If you don’t measure or improve your ROI then in most cases, the results are limited and wastes marketing budget.
  • Company Account Setup – Some Chinese SNS platforms require an initial fee to open an account and in addition, platforms always require company registration documents to setup and verify an official account.
  • Sales – Sales in China, in most cases, are yield better results through Chinese channels. It’s beneficial to have a strategy that resonates with the market.
Chinese Marketing

What Can We Offer?

While overseas, many Chinese nationals continue to use Chinese platforms to keep in contact with friends and family and  to keep up with news from back home. WeChat alone has over 70 million monthly active users outside of China; many of these users are among the 50 million overseas Chinese.

Hatago Consulting can assist you in the first steps of Chinese Digital Marketing to reach Chinese nationals living abroad. Our China Marketing Specialists can provide full support in:

  • Account registration, verification and set up
  • SNS management and content creation
  • KOL

Available SNS

Using Chinese SNS platform makes it possible to PR to Chinese nationals that live abroad. They can access your product and make conversions on your company’s website or an international sales platform that they prefer and trust. PR to Chinese people living abroad is an effective way to approach the Chinese market while overcoming the troublesome part of selling through Chinese marketplace.


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