How Clubhouse can improve your business

How Clubhouse can improve your business

What is Clubhouse, the new social network everyone is talking about

Clubhouse app is the new social network available only for iOS and accessible only by invitation.

Everyone is now running to get an invitation and some users have started to sell their invites. We strongly advise against buying an invitation or sell the one you get. The name that sells you the invite will be displayed forever on your profile – and your name will be displayed forever on the profile of the person you have sold it-  and if he’s banned or reported, this damage will affect you as well. Are you sure to be bound to someone you don’t know at all?

The particularity of this social network is not only the invitation system that binds you with the person that invites you by displaying his name on your profile, but also the type of content on the platform. Only voice. Forget about photos, short or long videos, links and articles. There is only your voice, and only in real-time. There is no possibility to send messages or connect with someone while not using the platform.

Pretty unusual, right?

Business opportunities on Clubhouse

In a historical moment where we had to stop all in-person meetings, avoid networking parties, exhibitions and our occasions to expand our social circle, a social network sized by room, when you can talk real-time with people, is exactly what we needed.

The power of Clubhouse is exactly this: allowing people to create connection through casual conversation, exactly like it used to happen in the popular networking parties until the beginning of 2020,

You can start following people and you’ll get notified when someone is hosting or joining a room, and entering in the rooms you will discover new people with common interests or operating in a similar field, and connecting with them on other platforms you can develop business relationships and opportunities.

Active participation in the room, as a moderator or speaker, will also gives you the opportunity to show your knowledge and get noticed from people interested in your business and recognize you as a person of authority.

But Clubhouse is not only a great app for networking, is also a blessing for those who crave information and connection with those who share similar goals in business and in life. The most interesting thing about Clubhouse is the amount of free information that is given out by celebrities, former executives, entrepreneurs, business owners, investors, and more, from where you can learn and develop more ideas to improve your business.

How to Use Clubhouse to grow your business

As powerful tools to make connections, Clubhouse can help you in growing your business and your authority. Using the platform in a proper way will be a powerful choice and time investment that can give you an interesting return.  Let’s see now how to optimize your presence on Clubhouse and some tips to implement your presence.

Profile bio

Except for the links to your Twitter and Instagram profiles, there are no other links, photos, or documents that you can share with other people, so you must communicate who you are and what you do in your profile bio.

Luckily you have enough space for a great presentation, roughly 125 characters, so be sure to put relevant information and keywords that can help people in understanding who you are and what you do. Your profile bio is your business card, keep it simple, easy to read and don’t be afraid of using spaces and emoji. If you connect your Twitter and Instagram accounts, be sure they are active and optimized as well. If not, type your business email address or your Linkedin account (update it!).

Follow people you’re really interested in

In other social networks, often people care more about the number of followers than the quality, but in Clubhouse following someone means getting notified when this person is hosting or joining a room. So if you start to follow people active in your business field or who often talk about a topic relevant to your activity, you will find new people relevant for your business checking their followers. Furthermore, in your home, you will be able to see the room they join, and those rooms are probably about a relevant topic for the improvement/promotion of your business.

Participate in the rooms

Join rooms about topics related to your business and check the profile of the speakers and moderator. You might discover interesting people to establish a connection for your business. Also, raising your hand and participating actively in a room will give you the opportunity of being noticed showing your knowledge and expertise in a field.

Rise your hands also for making questions on the discussed topic, it will help you to be noticed and gain followers interested in you and what you are displaying in your bio.

Host your own room

Create a room (better schedule in advance, so people can see it in their “Upcoming for you” and notify your followers. Being the host of a room gives you a lot of exposure, so it’s important to choose a specific topic, connected to your business industry, or a vertical topic.
You can also collaborate with special guests or experts in the field and invite them to be a co-host. The room will be viewed by their followers as well and it could be a good opportunity to create new business connections from their connections.

Clubhouse netiquette

As you can see, smart use of Clubhouse can improve your business connections, but remember that also in this social network there is some netiquette to keep in mind.
In a social network based on voice, it’s extremely important to keep a quiet tone of voice and speak quietly and clearly. When it is not your turn to speak, keep your microphone off and wait your turn to speak, not interrupting other people.

Politeness is shown by entering a room not only to sell your product or talk about yourself but showing interest in what other people are saying and being pertinent to the main topic.

Keeping this in mind, enjoy your experience in Clubhouse and improve your business network.

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