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How COVID impacts the usage of social network platforms?

COVID-19 has changed our lifestyle pattern in terms of work, social and communication. There is not only an increase in work from home or remote work, the usage of digital growth,  such as social network platforms and internet access, has been increasing as one of the results as well.

In order to reach more potential customers, it is better to think of utilizing the social media platforms with digital marketing.


Because of the pandemic, the Japanese government had laid the state of emergency in March to June in 2020 and has lounged in some of the prefectures Feb till March in 2021. The policies by the government have changed the working style in Japan from face-to-face to digital and remote work dramatically. (See more: What can Businesses in Japan Learn from COVID-19)

According to some statistics from Hootsuite, the number of social media users in Japan has increased drastically by 4.9% (from 82 million to 93.8 million), while the number of mobile connections has increased by 3.1% (from 191.7 million to 201.1 million).

As the general public is more relying on internet and social network platforms, the consumption model of customers and the advertisement from businesses have changed to online as well.

In Jan 2021, the advertising reach on Instagram and Facebook has increased 2.7% and 5.9% respectively, reflecting that there is a huge market to reach for potential customers and a higher possibility to turn in conversion than before.


Unlike Japan, where citizens are still able to go to the office or stay outside, most of the European countries were having full lockdown and work from home during the serious pandemic. As a result, there is a 5.7% (2.2 million) increase in the number of social media users from 2020 to 2021 in Italy.

You may argue the growth in social media users are not necessarily related to an increase of reach and impression. However, according to the statistics, it is not only an increase in the number of social media users but the advertising reach on FaceBook and Instagram as well.

From the graphic below, there is an increase in the number of advertising reach on Facebook (3.3%) and Instagram (4.2%). These statistics reflect there is a huge and growing market on social media platforms.

United Kingdom

Similar to Italy, Britain has experienced lockdown throughout the virus. With the 5G network development arrived in the country since 2019, it is assumed that the growth in digital usage and social media will become more common.

Compared to the data in January 2020, the number of social media users has increased by 4.4% (2.3 million) in January 2021. Though the advertising reach remains unchanged on FaceBook, there is a great increase in advertising reach by 10.7% (3 million) on Instagram.

Although these statistics have shown a growth in digital usage and advertising reach on social media platforms, bear in mind that digital marketing is an investment and needs time for returns.


With the rapid growth in social media usage, especially during the pandemic, it is not surprising that social media platforms have been playing an important role in marketing and advertising. As there are still rooms in market growth on social media platforms, especially in Asia region, digital marketing is becoming essential for business development.

However, before starting to do digital marketing, we always encourage businesses to do market research, do some strategic planning and consult some professional advice from experts. Contact a professional like us to have strategic planning for your business.

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