Digital Marketing Challenges & How to Overcome Them

Digital Marketing Challenges & How to Overcome Them

Digital Marketing Challenges

Remarkable changes have been witnessed in the digital platform in recent times. Digital marketing has presented small businesses with unique opportunities to market their services and products to a wide audience.

However, the digital market is always evolving and for this reason, it has presented numerous and unique challenges to small businesses that are looking to establish themselves in the digital world.

Small Business Digital Marketing

The digital market has greatly affected the business world making it almost necessary for small businesses to have an online presence. Creating reliable internet marketing strategies can be costly and greatly affects small businesses, for better and worse. Every business has their top priorities when venturing into the digital world.

Priorities like creating brand awareness and driving sales requires plenty of time and resources. Even marketing tools (social media, email, and website) that are used in the digital world can prove to be costly.

Applying different approaches and various initiatives is necessary for small businesses when tackling the challenges that come with implementing digital marketing strategies. Here are some of the digital marketing difficulties that can be faced and how to overcome them.

Understand the target audience

A good number of small businesses aren’t fully aware of their target audience and requires  creating buyer personas. These are fictional representations of the ideal customers and they are vital in the digital marketing platform. Buyer personas are developed using market research and real data about the existing customers.

Understanding the target audience can prove to be a challenge for many businesses due to time constraints or uncertainty on how to get valuable information. This can be made easier by using survey tools to conduct regular surveys to check satisfaction levels and collect feedback from participating customers.

Develop an amazing website

Building the best website possible is the obvious place to begin when any business decides to venture into the digital market. Most small businesses look for professional web developers to make their websites more appealing and deliver a great UX (user experience). The success of online marketing endeavors greatly depend on the customers’ experiences on the website.

A poorly developed website will negatively impact the business’s reputation and the brand’s ability to create a name for itself. Visitors can discredit a website as spammy and untrustworthy simply because of minor inadequacies in the website’s functionality and design.

Fortunately, there are several options available for small businesses to develop and maintain their websites at affordable rates. It is possible to create a sleek and attractive website that is modern and appealing to visitors.

Create superb content

Digital marketing won’t be as fruitful even with the best websites if the content is not up to par. The website’s content is equally as important if the best results are to be achieved.

Web content should be relevant and able to attract the correct audience to the site. Ideally, small businesses should create sharable content for social media platforms and develop a consistent publication strategy for contents to be shared.

Promote website content

Even if the contents of the website are of value to the right visitors, it often requires promotion to reach an even higher amount of visitors. There are a number of ways a small business can channel web content distribution in the right direction, all of which requires adequate time and resources. They include:

Social media – Social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn have proved to be some of the best ways to promote content on the web. They will help the business to build a strong following of targeted users who match the buyer personas.

Outreach – Outreach marketing refers to the practice of reaching out to companies or people that have the same interests as the business and what it has to offer.

Email – Small businesses can reap great rewards from email newsletters. Sharing bits of content through emails will be able to drive a substantial amount of traffic to the web content.

Drive sales

An improvement in website traffic is expected when implementing digital marketing strategies and developing an online presence for the business. Traffic can create leads by bringing potential customers to the website.

It becomes challenging for small businesses to drive sales and close deals from the leads. This can be tackled through commitment to every customer’s purchase journey and making every interaction with the audience as personable as possible.

Create new leads

The main aim of content marketing is to gain the trust of web visitors. When trust is gained, personal information may be exchanged with the potential customer in a bid to gain access to gated content, often referred to as content offer. Small businesses generate new leads through this system.

When readers finds a call for action (CTA) for a free eBook and responds to it, they will be sent to a landing page with a form that is filled then submitted. The visitors then become a lead as their contact details are entered into the customer relationship management (CRM).

Mobile Optimization

There are notable differences between desktop marketing and mobile marketing, and understanding how to leverage them equally will go a long way in taking your business to its full potential.

Many small businesses tend to make the mistake of neglecting one platform while favoring the other. It’s important to note that both mobile and desktop platforms are vital to the business in order for it to achieve its marketing goals. Both platforms should be given equal consideration during designing and optimization.

Digital marketing has made it possible for small businesses to reach wider audiences at considerably low marketing costs compared to other traditional advertising platforms such as TV, radio or direct mail. Interested in using digital marketing to promote your business? Contact us!