Digital Marketing for Language Schools

Digital Marketing for Language Schools

The digital world has been a crowded area for over a decade now but the last few months have multiplied the crowd manifold. Every individual and every entity, no matter how small, can compete in this digital world and utilize it to their benefit. It does not matter what your business is, it is a matter of understanding it. Language schools are no different. Awareness of the school’s vision, mission, monthly and daily goals will define if it is able to attract potential students to the courses. The clearer the objectives and the better defined the strategies, the more the schools will get noticed. With hundreds of Japanese language schools in Japan, and over 200 in Tokyo alone, what does your school do to stand out?

Digital Marketing

Understand your priorities

First of all, before investing in digital marketing activities, you must understand and prioritize your marketing objectives. Secondly, differentiate between increasing the size of your audience and generating leads. To increase the size of your audience, you may opt for means of general interest. Interesting social media posts regularly appearing on your social media sites may help increase the number of viewers. To turn those visitors into potential students can be tricky to navigate if you do not have a plan. You can seek the services of specialists to do that for you.

If you have already defined your customers and your goal is to attract potential students to your website, the social media posts shall be designed with a completely different frame of mind. You have a group in mind, you know that group’s certain characteristics, then you can plan your campaign. The team, staff members or marketing specialists, must be creative, innovative and tech-savvy;  they must have a good understanding of your business and timely analyze how the campaign is going. Based on feedback and data, they need to be ready to make appropriate changes in the message or media.

Identify and target your potential students

Identifying and understanding your potential students is vital. A lead is someone who is genuinely interested in enrolling in one of the language courses your institution has to offer, whether it is a group course, individual classes, or a more complex combined learning package.

Keep in mind the school’s geographic location, the courses, fee structure and the potential career opportunities as well as your current students’ demographics to have a good idea of what your target market is. The next step is to focus on your potential students’ lives, their likes/dislikes, their passion and career plans. This is useful in developing innovative, interesting and catchy content (blog posts, videos, presentations, short clips and quizzes) that target their interests. The content may be posted on your social media sites including Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and TikTok. Visitors can be directed to your website from the social media sites. It’s no wonder that marketers see value in using social networking sites to improves traffic, lead generation, and grow customer loyalty (Statista).

Language School Digital Marketing

Create a digital marketing strategy

You must make Search Engine Optimization (SEO) one of your top priorities. Hiring SEO experts or outsourcing it to someone shall help increase traffic on your website. This is a technical matter worth investing in and has a great potential to bring potential students to your institution. Apart from this, you can use email marketing, PPC advertising and social media marketing.

Once you decide the marketing strategy it is advisable to test run it. Depending on the results, the strategy may be implemented on a larger scale. It is wise to use data analytics to monitor the data and see which means of communication work most effectively. What may work for your business depends on your organization’s goals, available budget, your audience, and area of expertise.

How to promote your ideas?

  1. Create and spread messages with valuable information: Keep this in mind that the courses that you offer are not exactly what you should be proposing to the prospective students because all other language schools will be doing the same. Your message should rather be focused on what solutions you offer. For instance, highlighting that learning Japanese may enhance employment resonates more than promoting students to study and party in Japan.
  2. Keep potential students connected: Having a website is essential, however, it is far important that the website is easy to find. SEO helps in highlighting your website in online searches. That is not enough sometimes because you still need to keep them connected. This can be done by getting them to subscribe to your website, email or social media account. This way you can keep the interaction ongoing with updates, articles, videos or further promotions.
  3. Work in collaboration with like-minded people: Many language institutions in different countries sell through partners which include other schools, government agencies or other related businesses. Finding a common ground with different organizations can create new potential student bases.
  4. Make your current students your assets: Creating content that involves current and past students from your school makes your school look relatable and real. Connecting with them enables your school to be discovered by their connections, and so forth.

It is important to keep dedicated and professional people ready to answer questions on all your social media sites and the telephone. Attracting a lead is just the first step; the ultimate goal is to enroll the person into one of the courses. If the person responding to the potential student’s queries fails to satisfy them, all your efforts will go in vain. It is important to professionally and technically analyze this aspect as well. Building a marketing team requires a lot of time and effort. Contact us to take the load off – we know what we’re doing!

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