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We work on B2B and B2C projects to deliver the best results.

Global Digital Marketing

Hatago Consulting is an experienced consulting firm that develops and delivers digital marketing strategies. We provide digital marketing solutions for Japan-based companies that want to improve their online presence and expand internationally with effective and new branding strategies adapted to overseas culture.

We began as a company specialized in businesses targeting inbound tourists and seeking marketing services for overseas markets. Our company quickly expanded and now covers several different industries such as beauty supplements, fashion and gaming, helping Japanese companies in being competitive also online.

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Why Us?

Young Professional Team

Our team is made up of young professionals who grew up in the digital era and are active users. This means we know and understand the elements of digital marketing.

Constantly Updated

SNS trends and strategies are evolving day by day. We stay up-to-date at the same speed as global trends to guarantee you the best approach to overseas digital marketing.

Worldwide Network

We have a great global network and offer the best solutions based on real data in the targeted country. Our market research adapts to the culture and circumstances, which ensures the most accurate information to help develop a winning digital strategy.

Tailor-Made Plans

Every business has different needs, goals and possibilities. For those reasons, we don’t offer fixed packages but we create customized plans for each client instead. While taking into consideration all the different elements, we are able to create strategies that guarantee real results on your investment.

Our Recent Work
Overseas Influencer Casting

Hatago Consulting developed and executed a campaign with Chiara Ferragni, also known as the world’s top influencer.

We are dedicated to meet your business goals through influencer marketing. Our network allows us to pair the right cast with the right campaign.

Latest Posts

How COVID impacts the usage of social network platforms?

COVID-19 has changed our lifestyle pattern in terms of work, social and communication. There is not only an increase in work from home or remote work, the usage of digital growth, such as social network platforms and internet access, has been increasing as one of the results as well.

February 25, 2021
Why is digital marketing needed?

Digital marketing is one of the categories in marketing that is based on the usage of digital technologies. Different from traditional marketing, the commonplaces for digital marketing campaigns are rather flexible and cost lower while reaching traceable potential customers if successful.

February 19, 2021
How Clubhouse can improve your business

Clubhouse is not only a great app for networking, is also a blessing for those who crave information and connection with those who share similar goals in business and in life. The most interesting thing about Clubhouse is the amount of free information that is given out by celebrities, former executives, entrepreneurs, business owners, investors, and more, from where you can learn and develop more ideas to improve your business.

February 8, 2021


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