How Long to See Marketing Results?

How Long to See Marketing Results?

We have talked about digital marketing before, what it is, and how it can help you. What we have not spoken about is time, and time is precious when it comes to business.

We want to clarify some things because we know there is a lot of misinformation and even scams when it comes to promising results related to the use of digital marketing. Our objective is to explain to you how long it will take to see results and why that amount of time is normal. Patience, as much as it feels like a heavy word in the world of business, is one of the main things you need when it comes to marketing results.

Marketing Results

Results won’t show up overnight.

Great marketing strategies are highly effective, however, the results are not instant. You need time to start building a client base, your audience needs time to start noticing your brand, and they need to be interested. Digital marketing can be quicker than traditional marketing strategies but it does take time to build brand awareness and get people engaged.

It takes several months.

The average time to start seeing results for most marketing strategies is about 6-9 months. Consistency is one of the keys here because you might be tempted to give up or try different things while your strategy is still developing.

Try to think like a consumer. Would you start buying stuff from a business that you know absolutely nothing about? That is why you have to give your audience time to see you, know you, and start trusting you.

The total length of time will depend on different factors. Remember that every business is unique, and there will always be factors that speed up the process for some and slow down the process for others. If you want to know which factors may interfere for your specific business, check this list:

  • Where you start: It may be quicker to see results if you are a consolidated business or if your company is new. Maybe you switched your marketing strategies to the digital world, but you already built a considerable client base. If so, that will speed up the process. A brand new company will have to wait a little longer to start seeing results.
  • Budget: The amount of your investment will also influence the end results. If you’re paying a price that’s too low, this can affect the quality of your strategy and slow you down. Perhaps the quality is “good”, but you’re paying an insanely high price. Study and analyze the amount of money invested because it does affect your ending results.
  • Industry and competitors: Some industries may experiment low numbers depending on the services they offer. It’s entirely expected that you don’t see incredible growth if your industry is not going through a good moment. If you have strong competitors, they also can slow you down. You can compete against bigger companies, but you have to create a strategy to make your company stand out.
  • Focus areas: A common mistake is to focus on only one approach of the digital marketing world. While some strategies may show faster results than others, advertising for example, you cannot rely on just PPC. If you only rely on one approach, once you stop it, you will be out. Your digital marketing has to be vast to see good results.

Before finishing, there are different kinds of results in the digital marketing world. Of course, the main thing that a company needs is profits. There are other results that suggest the digital marketing strategies of a business, webpage, and profile are working well. Some different results may include:

  • Revenue: This comes from sales, pre-existing or new contracts, and more. Purchases from the new clients you reached is one of the main results you will see.
  • Traffic: This is another way in which you can confirm that people see you. These visits increase the probability of getting new customers.
  • Brand awareness: People start to recognize your brand and products. That means they have seen you, and they remember you.
  • Loyalty: This can depend on the quality of your products, but in general terms, clients that feel they encountered a great supplier for their needs will remain loyal to the brand.

Be careful with some promises; if it’s too good to be true, it’s probably a scam.

There are some marketers that promise instant results. Some may even show impressive data from their past clients that gained thousands of followers from one day to another or gained thousands of visits to their website. However, there are hundreds and hundreds of cheats and ways in which you can “fake grow” on social media and a website. Black-hat SEO, buying followers, comments, and likes are relatively easy to do but are extremely dangerous.

Remember that digital marketing is a journey. You cannot stop using your strategies once you start seeing results. If you do so, you will soon return to the beginning. Keep a constant schedule, maintain quality, and have an online presence – you’ll continue seeing success.

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