How Much Does Social Media Management Cost?

How Much Does Social Media Management Cost?

How much does social media management cost? 

This is one of the first questions a company asks when it starts to think about entrusting the management of their Facebook page or other social media accounts to an external resource.

One can assume that because social networks are free and simple to use, even by kids, that anyone can manage an account. However, managing a social media account is not as simple; growth on Facebook or any other platform is not necessarily as quick as many may think.

It is not enough to be present on social networks to obtain results although it is a good first step. In addition, a well-designed strategy is important and needs to be managed by someone who has thorough knowledge and experience with managing social media accounts.

What does a social media manager do?

Social media management is a practice and profession that requires study, preparation and continuous updates. It is highly important that this person is aware of current trends and stays updated with the latest news about social media marketing. This role should be entrusted to a professional – someone who has knowledge of marketing, experience with project management, and great communication skills.

A social media manager is telling a story on the company’s behalf – their responsibilities includes posting content, analyzing competitors, studying effective strategies, creating reports, and interpreting results.

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Why are there so many different prices for social media management?

Be aware of those who offer very low rates because it may bring poor results in the quality and quantity of work. Research, creation, and analysis requires time; if the price is too low, it is possible that adequate time for each process is missing and the final product is either incomplete or not quite what you expected.

Next, you should also be cautious of ready-made packages offered at a fixed price, especially if they include a guarantee like acquiring a specific number of followers. It is very simple to find these types of packages and there are many companies that do it, but it can be harmful for your brand image. There are a number of disadvantages that can come from having a page with 1,000 or 10,000 fake followers.

Social media strategies differ for each company and a good professional should evaluate each one individually instead of adopting similar ones.

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How much is a social media manager worth?

Clients vary so a very small business might not be able to invest the same amount as a multinational company. A person who manages social media accounts tend to already have an established compensation price that’s based on the hours of work that they will commit to that account. Managers need to be adaptable to different situations that may be encountered and ready to make changes accordingly.

Plans usually detail what can be expected from the social media manager. Look for a social media manager that can provide information for the following items:

  • Proposal for social media marketing strategy
  • Benchmark of competitors
  • Page or content strategy
  • Page management with insight reports
  • Content creation
  • Advertising campaign setup
  • Campaign management with related reports
  • Calendar plan for campaigns
  • Promotion strategies

Besides using vanity metrics such as number of followers to measure the effectiveness of a social media strategy, it is recommended to focus on areas that generate ROI such as the number of engagement and ability to communicate with customers.

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