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Influencer Casting

A new means of advertising has emerged following the demand for SNS in recent years. It is influencer marketing.

Influencers promote and review products and services to their audience; they are trusted more by their followers than celebrities, which makes influencer marketing different from standard advertising. Choosing the right influencer can be a great way to leverage the psychology of influence to connect with an audience.

Hatago Consulting helps your company find the best influencers who are aligned with your brand and can offer the highest ROI. We scout and analyze influencers from different countries (U.S., Europe, China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, etc.) in the necessary language(s) to get you the best exposure in the targeted market.

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SNS Advertising

The more followers you have, the bigger your network. Information about your products can be easily shared online between your current and potential customers.

SNS Advertising

Having a specific influencer promote your product or service adds a unique feature to your brand image. We propose the right people who suit your business and target audience.

SNS Advertising
Target Segment

Each influencer has expertise in a specific topic and their followers pay attention to what they share. It’s important to choose an influencer with an audience that matches your ideal customer profile.

Types of Influencers

  • Price rate: reasonable - generally based on writing time
  • Spread: high and immediate
  • Strength: higher conversion rate
  • Weakness: results are not immediate but rather spread over a period of time


Influencers who spread his or her own experiences and lifestyle through writing articles on online blog pages

  • Price rate: expensive - high cost of gear and long editing time
  • Spread: medium
  • Strength: inspirational and possible to use as promotion
  • Weakness: high competition and lack of attention


Influencers who make videos to share experiences and information that are uploaded to video platforms (YouTube) or shared as live videos (Twitch).

  • Price rate: medium - based on popularity
  • Spread: high and immediate
  • Strength: instantaneous reach power, inspirational to their audience
  • Weakness: short time of exposure

SNS Influencer

Influencers who share his or her own experiences and life on SNS platforms mainly through content creation such as photos and short videos.

  • Price rate: very expensive
  • Spread: very high
  • Strength: effective way to advertise to Chinese market
  • Weakness: high competition and many fake followers


Influencers who share his or her opinions or lifestyle on Chinese SNS platforms to a wide audience of fans that usually copy what the influencer does.

Influencer Casting Services


Event Participation

Participate in events such as reception parties or experiences to raise the topic of SNS

Product PR

Send product to be published and promoted by overseas influencer

Brand Awareness

Use influencer’s account to talk about a brand or event through activities like a take-over, shout-out, or special discount

Content Creation

Content is created by influencer to promote on your channel as a special guest using his or her style


Inbound PR to Japan

Invite influencers to come to Japan for PR purposes such as publicize places or products


Affiliation Marketing

promote your product and services with referral code and affiliation system

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