Influencer Casting

Connect with the best Influencers

Social Media Influencer Casting

As demand for SNS presence has increased in recent years, new methods have been developed to suit modern advertising.

Influencers engage and move customers’ minds differently by promoting and reviewing products and services that resonates with their followers.


The more followers you have, the bigger your network. Information about your products can be easily shared online between your current and potential customers.


Having a specific influencer promote your product or service adds a unique feature to your brand image. We propose the right people who suit your business and target audience.

Target Segment

Each influencer has expertise in a specific topic and their followers pay attention to what they share. It’s important to choose an influencer with an audience that matches your ideal customer profile.

Types of Influencers

Which Influencer is right for me?

Influencers who share their experiences and lifestyle mainly through writing on a web blog

Influencers who share their and daily life and personal stories through Instagram (and/or other SNS platforms) with memorable photographs, thoughts, captions and opinions.

Influencers who turn their own experiences and information into a video and shares it  on YouTube (and/or other video-sharing platforms)

・Bloggers: Low

・YouTubers: Medium

・Instagrammers: High

・Bloggers: Reasonable, depending on the content and amount of writing

・YouTuber: Expensive due to production costs and time

・Instagrammer: Can be expensive due if Instagrammer is famous

・Blogger: SEO-friendly pages that rank well

・YouTuber: Video content can be used for ongoing promotions

・Instagrammer: Immediate advertising exposure



Networking at events or reception parties to discuss SNS strategies with like-minded people

Public Relations

Influencers come to Japan to publicize local places and products to an international audience

Product Placement

Sent target products to overseas influencers who publicize locally and with their followers