Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing it’s an effective way to advertise your business in Japan.

Who are we

The Influencer Marketing in Japan could be pretty challenging compare to the rest of the world, with an average of less professional people not manage by talent agency.

Hatago Consulting helps your company find the best influencers who are aligned with your brand and can offer the highest ROI. We scout and analyze influencers, to avoid those with fake followers (still a commond trend in Japan) and with a relevant audience for your brand.

Quality check


We don’t care only about the number of followers, but we check how many of them are real and engage with the influencers. The quality of the audience is more important than the quantity..


Having a specific influencer promote your product or service adds a unique feature to your brand image. We propose the right people who suit your business and target audience.

Target Segment

Each influencer has expertise in a specific topic and their followers pay attention to what they share. It’s important to choose an influencer with an audience that matches your ideal customer profile.

Use of Influencer Marketing
  • Event Participation to Social Media Buzz
  • Product & Services Promotion
  • Brand Awareness to spread your name in Japan
  • Content Creation for digital campaigns
  • Affiliation Marketing to increase sales

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To market to the Japanese, Influencer marketing is a very powerful tool that can help your business in establishing a presence in Japan and attract Japanese customers.

But even before choosing the specific influencer for your brand, it’s important to understand which type of influencer is better to use to your specific case to achieve our goals, considering how the Japanese people use each social media and the social media trend in Japan.

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Micro and Nano Influencers, a powerful choice for higher conversion.

In this article we are going to focus on the importance of micro and nano influencers and explain why, even their number of followers is smaller, they are a great choice for your business. According to several national observation centers on Influencer Marketing (US, Italy, UK), an average of 75% of Influencer Marketing Campaign are done with Micro and Nano Influencers. But why exactly are these types of influencers becoming more popular and sought after by big brands?
In a nutshell, it’s all about the authenticity of these influencers and the engagement they conjure.

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