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SNS Account Management

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Social media management entails creating, publishing, analyzing content that is posted on social media platforms (such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc), and engaging with users on those platforms.

Nowadays, a well-curated SNS account is a presentation of your brand and it provides public relations with potential clients who are looking for your exact product or service. An efficient and well-performing page can be achieved only with a lot of experience and market insights – this is exactly what Hatago Consulting can offer to you.

Because every business is different, customized solutions are always the best way to reach your goals. With our SNS management, we can study and offer you the best management solutions based on your needs and potentials. Our multicultural staff will use the best tone of voice for your targeted audience to engage your followers, build a community, and drive conversions.

We offer full service SNS management with an optimized strategy to increase your social media presence. Our team creates content that increases the number of real followers and engagement, which creates a faithful community of potential customers.

Transform your social media presence with high quality content, daily activity, and an increase in followers.

We offer a basic management plan that can be integrated with your existing internal marketing strategy, a solution that combines our management and content creation with your community support. You can also opt for a full service social media management option that includes the whole process from strategy creation to community management.

Customization and tailor-made SNS account management is the key to a successful social media presence.

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