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With your business goals in mind, we suggest the most effective social network strategy to implement for your marketing plan. We provide guidelines about the most influential SNS and media plan strategies that is appropriate for your type of business and target audience.

This service is ideal for companies that have just decided to implement an online marketing strategy or for companies that want to approach the global market. Hear from experts from foreign countries or learn about the latest worldwide trends in digital strategies. Our international team will support you in choosing the most effective approach to your target market, explain the pros and cons of every decision, and develop a great strategy to reach your goals.

Results from SNS marketing are not immediate, so it is necessary to work on a medium to long-term plan.

The first step is to clarify the direction that should be taken to achieve the goal and how to move towards the ideal state.

Analyze your business and target market to identify the ideal SNS strategy for overseas promotion with considerations to country, language, age, type of product, etc.

Identify the ideal and most effective strategy based on your desired results

Create media plan and set goals

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