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Through social media marketing, companies can expand their business and awareness in Japan. Social Media Accounts are vital to collect and communicate information to prospective customers who need to find out about your company online and offline.

Who are we

Our team is constantly updated with trends to offer you the latest solutions to optimize your social media marketing in Japan.

Our bilingual staff combine the foreign expectation with the Japanese way of using of Social Network, to offer succesfull Social Media Marketing in Japan.

Our Social Media Marketing Solutions

Consulting and Strategy

With your business goal in mind, we analyze and suggest the most effective social media strategy to implement your digital presence in Japan.

Account Management

We offer social media management and Other than social media management, we can offer community support to answer at main questions from the Japanese audience.

Content Production

We offer multilingual copywriting service and create graphic content that is interesting and useful for Japanese social media. Integrated with a well-planned social media strategy, we increase followers’ awareness, create community and build customer loyalty.


We provide consulting and implementation of advertize in Japanese, on Facebook and Instagram, creating and optimizing campaigns to reach your goals. We collect and monitor data to keep track of results and analyze the strategy’s effectiveness.

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