The Difference Between Sales and Marketing

The Difference Between Sales and Marketing

What’s the difference between sales and marketing?

The approach to business and the market has evolved over time. Specialists have theorized and developed a new branch of study called “marketing”. Marketing is the science that studies the different techniques and strategies used to improve the commercialization of a product. Many people confuse sales with marketing, but the difference is rather simple – marketing seeks to attract the customer to our product while the sales concept is focused on the product.

Sales and Marketing

Sales Versus Marketing

The sales approach is based on knowing your product in detail, aggressively promoting its characteristics and price, and pushing consumers to buy it. Sales is transaction-based and aims to generate profits and balance production costs; it includes offers and promotions on products too. It’s the sales team’s job to sell a company’s products and services – reaching the customers, however, is part of marketing.

Marketing focuses on catching the customer’s attention using persuasive methods. It involves getting to know the customers and delivering a product that matches their desires and needs. If the product is not indispensable, marketing can make it a necessity for the consumer.

Marketing focuses on benefits and non-monetary value of a product. An excellent example of this could be Starbucks, one of the most successful coffee shop franchises in the world. Starbucks offers much more than quality products; the added value of this company is the pleasant service they provide to customers.The company knows its audience and has cultivated a strong relationship with their customers. A person that buys a coffee at Starbucks is not only purchasing a delicious coffee, they also have the experience to sit down and enjoy their coffee.

Your product can have an aesthetic value that makes your target interested in it and it can also generate a sense of exclusivity that will make your customers feel part of a status-quo when acquiring it. Marketing focuses on finding that X-factor in your product and promoting it to your target audience. Philip Kotler, a renowned academic considered as the father of marketing, in one of his most famous phrases states that marketing is not so much the art of selling what you produce, but the art of knowing what you should produce in a specific market.

Sales vs Marketing

E-Commerce and Digital Marketing

Different terms have emerged along with the evolution of technology; one of which is e-commerce. This term is used to refer to companies that use digital media to sell their products or services. E-commerce opens up a new world of possibilities for your business and even allows you to reach international audiences.

Digital marketing is not the same thing as selling online and nor is it the same thing as selling. Digital marketing helps you advertise and let people know about your products. That way, people will recognize you and buy from you if they like your products. It is a way in which you can get sales, but only if your strategies are effective.

Digital marketing can be part of a strategy to open your business to the world, but it is not the same as finding an agreement with an e-commerce abroad, which falls on the sales team. With digital marketing, you will be exposed to a vast quantity of people, from possible customers to possible partners and even wholesalers. Digital marketing can help wholesalers to find you and if your sales team is looking for a product source, a company that markets digitally will be easy to find.

Sales and Marketing Working Together

Marketers help with the sales process and salespeople give valuable information back to the marketers. They complement each other well, but they both require different skills and have different functions. Communication between the sales team and marketing team is crucial to increase the overall sales of a company.

Sales and Marketing

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