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Which Type of Influencer should I use for my business?

To market to the Japanese, Influencer marketing is a very powerful tool that can help your business in establishing a presence in Japan and attract Japanese customers.

But even before choosing the specific influencer for your brand, it’s important to understand which type of influencer is better to use to your specific case to achieve our goals, considering how the Japanese people use each social media and the social media trend in Japan.

In fact, depending on the type of product or goal you have, the type of influencer to use for your business changes. There are channels that are more suited to brand awareness and to inspire new people, while others are more suited to last over time and serve to consolidate our presence on the market.

It is also important to be clear about the type of audience we want to target and choose the platform where that specific type of user is most active. This point needs particular attention when it comes to working with influencers in Japan: is pretty common that young female influencers have an audience composed mainly of old men and vice versa. 

Actually, in Japan, the activity of content creator/influencer is not popular or widespread like in the western countries and still are more common talent agencies that create, develop and make growth their talent through their connections.

Instagram Influencers

Instagram is growing in popularity in Japan and the number of influencers and content creators active on this platform is huge. It’s certainly the social of the moment, the one on which a large portion of influencer marketing is undoubtedly focused and it is also the social network that is best prepared for this type of campaign thanks to the data that can be obtained.

Instagram is a social media based mostly on images and short videos, which makes it perfect for creative advertising content that can go viral, thus increasing brand awareness.

Instagram is the social that best manages to cover different groups of people and collaborating with influencers with a strong community or specialized in a specific niche, allows you to reach potential customers interested in our product.

The negative side of instagram is the short life of the contents, which, however viral they may become, remain limited in time and will hardly bring us traffic or results after some time from the collaboration.

Therefore in order to keep the level of attention high, it’s needed to keep doing influencer marketing campaigns.
Unfortunately, many accounts in Japan are still using automation for growth and fake followers and only a few influencers have created a strong community with their audience. On the other side, Japanese people are not so open to interacting with influencers, but still they are influenced by the product the influencers show to them, making the campaign effective anyway.


If you are targeting young people, TikTokers are the best type of influencer for your business. The younger group of consumers tends to abandon previous social networks such as Facebook and Instagram, in favor of TikTok. Being digital natives, they find inspiration and information on this social network and therefore promoting your brand on this platform will surely attract their attention.
Japan is a country that loves video content, dancing and funny things and TikTok offers exactly this type of content. Subcultures such as cosplaying and dancing, are also highly popular on TikTok, and collaborating with the right TikToker can drive your brand a lot of exposure!

In addition, in Japan, even the youngest users have a rather high purchasing power or are in any case potential customers able to guide the purchasing choices of friends and family.



Undoubtedly the most popular platform in Japan and where most of Japanese influencers are active. Video content is always very popular and generally manages to convey a lot of success.

Also unlike other social networks, YouTube is a search engine and the contents remain for a long time and continue to bring traffic and attention for a long time.

Youtubers are certainly a recommended choice to have good video content to be reused even on the brand’s channels, but given the amount of work required to shoot, edit and edit a video, these types of influencers are generally quite expensive.

Furthermore, the video content remains over time, but cannot be edited later, and after years it may no longer be updated.
Another thing to consider is that in Japan, most of the famous YouTubers are always under agencies with strict control over them, so it is better to consider a higher budget and face some lack of elasticity in the negotiation about content.


Bloggers are a good option because their content tends to be more enduring. A blog post reviewing a particular product could appear in search engine results for many years to come and you can also earn a backlink to your website and increase your SEO score.

An article on a blog will generate traffic more in a long time than not in the immediate, and to be well index in Google and drive you traffic, might take a while. This means that this type of influencer is not the best option if you’re are a brand looking for some brand awareness.

Another positive thing about collaborating with a blogger is that if in the future you need to update some information, they are usually open to updating their article, also because it’s in their interest to provide updated information to their readers.


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