The importance of Video in Japanese Marketing

The importance of Video in Japanese Marketing

In the digital world, the importance of video is increasing every day, with a higher number of users spending more time on this format.

Including video in your digital strategy becomes even more important for users if you want to enter a market like the Japanese one where the video is definitely the higher content search and watch by the users.

Japanese people spend a lot of time watching videos online, 83% of the population, according to Hootsuite. A data even higher than the number of video game users (74.6%) in a country famous to be the home of video games. 

Especially popular is YouTube, the most used social network, which records an average monthly use for 21.4 hours against the 4.8 monthly average hours of a platform like Amazon Prime Video. There are even some tv shows that decide to move from traditional tv to a YouTube channel!

Japanese people prefer watching a video rather than reading, and they trust YouTubers or influencers better than the media or government, according to the Edelman Trust Barometer. 

Also, with the video, the message is more powerful with images and voice than with text alone. It creates a feeling of familiarity and proximity, especially if the viewers watch several videos where the same product is promoted. This is why the video advertising market is expanding, from 53.5 billion yen in 2015 to 262.5 billion yen in 2021 (estimate), according to a Cyber Agent survey. 

Including a YouTube channel in your digital marketing strategy for the Japanese market is a recommended choice, but this option requires a major commitment and not all companies can afford this.

Two alternatives that can help a brand increase its presence on YouTube are the use of Influencer Marketing, choosing to collaborate with content creators active on YouTube or through advertising.

With such high consumption of video material, it is easy to imagine how much video ads are crucial for marketing in Japan. Other than YouTube (and the Google network), it’s possible to create video advertising also on Yahoo! JAPAN. Japan’s no.1 web platform 

The Japanese are on average more well disposed towards advertising with only 22% of users using Ad blocking and according to a Yahoo! JAPAN survey, they found that approximately 75% of users who watch video ads on the Yahoo! JAPAN Timeline for 10 seconds or more will also watch 1 video content* for 10 seconds or more.

Here are some tips to create a good video advertising for marketing to Japanese people:

 –Display brand name at the beginning of the video

Not all users will watch your video ad for a long time. To ensure that users who exit the video early on will still remember your ad, place your service or brand name at the beginning of the video. 

Capture the users’ interest in the first three to five seconds

Outstream ads allow users to leave the video midway through by scrolling or closing the window. This means that no matter how long and engaging the video is, if the content isn’t engaging within the first three to five seconds, users will not watch your video. 

-Add subtitles or graphics to read

Some users might watch videos without audio or with a small volume, so having subtitles or catching graphics will help to attract their attention and make them understand what the advertising is about.