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Why Businesses Need Market Research

Why Businesses Need Market Research


A business is successful if it is able to understand customer needs, offer solutions, and remain profitable. For a business to achieve this balance, it needs continuous market research.

Businesses often dismiss the important aspect of market research when developing plans and strategies. This can occur when a business wants to start producing or offering services right away. Skipping market research altogether widens the disconnect between a business and its customers.

To avoid this disconnect and the unfortunate demise of your business, undertake market research. It is a service that helps companies, service providers, and individuals make better and informed decisions. When you integrate the research with organization plans, it becomes easier to adapt to market changes within which it operates.


What is Market Research?

Before understanding how critical market research is, know what it entails. Market research is not a specific method but rather an attempt to learn more about consumer needs and expectations.

Market research is a means of collecting information about business as a whole – the primary purpose to get all critical information surrounding the industry overall and the target market. These types of information include customer buying behavior, market patterns, and competitor’s strengths and weaknesses.

The process forms the foundation of any successful business. It eliminates guesswork and informs where to invest more resources for maximum potential. In addition, the gathered information helps identify new markets and opportunities too.


Why is it Important?

Why Businesses Need Market Research
Source: Product Tribe


Market research is invaluable due to many reasons. It is a vital element in developing a business strategy, plus it gives a forecast of the latest marketing trends. When implemented, it adds a competitive edge and increases sales. Here are some reasons why market research is important:

  • Market Research Lowers Risks

When thinking of a business idea, there is no guarantee it will succeed. The only way to ensure survival is to formulate mechanisms that will bring steady sales and customers. To achieve that, you need to invest in market research.

The market research gives information that keeps you informed on current trends. This understanding ensures that you are aware of customer needs. It also provides means on how to widen the customer base.

  • Market Research Informs Where to Advertise

No enterprise wants to invest where there is no return. It is even worse for small companies working on limited budgets. Every marketing strategy needs optimization to achieve profit. Market research narrows the market to a specific demographic and informs the method to channel your campaign.

  • Market Research Spots Business Opportunities

After undertaking market research, it leaves you with a rational mind on which market to target and the channel to follow. Armed with this information, you easily spot opportunities to pursue. For instance, learning about the customer’s demographic helps you partner with other small businesses. This creates an opening for joint promotions, which has mutual benefits for the parties involved.

  • Market Research Helps Outsell Competitors

For any business looking to outdo their competitor, it needs to please its customers. With useful market research, this is achievable. Competitors stand little to no chance as long as you fulfill the customer’s needs.

Another way to outsell a competitor is by targeting their dissatisfied customers. Learn about their frustration and why they are not happy with the competitor’s product or service. Then, improve on your own and market to them.


Types of Market Research

Any business wishing to learn customer habits like purchase behavior or their likelihood of paying more for a product. Conducting market research draws meaningful conclusions to those uncertainties. The following are the types of market research you can use:

  • Primary and Secondary Research

Primary market research is research conducted by the business itself either internally or through another source. They gather information on how to improve their products, services, or functions. Most of the methods used are direct and only require answers to relevant questions.

The information collected comes from various methods that include surveys, interviews, focus groups, observations, and more. This research is the most typical type and focuses on specific targets. Despite being time-consuming and costly, it is the most valuable one.

Secondary market research is different; it focuses on data that has been collected by others. It may be available for free or paid for. The sources include published or publicly available channels like websites, magazines, government data, and search engine results.

The advantage of this research? It is cost-effective and saves time but on the flip side, data used may be generic and not specialized to your target.

  • Qualitative and Quantitative Research

Qualitative research takes into account customers’ opinions and feelings. This research aims to fathom what is lacking or to understand if the product meets expectations. An example of this research is face-to-face interviews.

Quantitative research uses facts and statistically sampled data from questionnaires, on-site fieldwork, and close-ended surveys. Also, it may involve previous records such as research papers or financial reports.

Importance of Continual Research

Continuous market research provides regular, ongoing, and insightful information on market trends. The collected data is real-time and helps position the business to serve better. It creates more avenues while building and maintaining a healthy dialogue with relevant audiences.

For a business desiring to grow, it has to follow the market closely. It should stay ahead of the ever-changing opinions, desires, needs, and behaviors.

Below are some benefits a business stands to gain from continuous market research.

  • Makes it easier to spot business opportunities
  • Reduces the chances of failing
  • Makes the business stand out
  • Helps make informed decisions
  • Creates an opening to track consumer opinion
  • Helps understand their customers
  • Helps validate decisions and solve debates


Last Take

Building a successful business is difficult; it takes time and resources. It only takes one awful decision to start a downfall. The chance of avoiding minimal risk lies with market research. Eliminate guesswork and assumptions and make better business decisions with facts.


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