Why is digital marketing needed?

Why is digital marketing needed?

Digital marketing is one of the categories in marketing that is based on the usage of digital technologies. With the combinations of the strategies such as search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, influencer marketing, social media marketing, display advertising, e-commerce marketing, etc., digital marketing has become part of our everyday life and a norm for advertisements on the internet and social media platforms.

However, as the internet has only developed for around 20 years, always bear in mind that digital marketing is a newly developed marketing category with rooms for explorations and growth.

How digital marketing differs from traditional marketing?

Different from traditional marketing, the commonplaces for digital marketing campaigns are rather flexible and cost lower while reaching traceable potential customers if successful. That is also why more and more companies are adopting digital marketing instead of traditional marketing.

By adopting digital marketing, it is easier to track the number of conversions, however, it does not mean the increase in conversion rate directly equals the increase in sales but increases the chances for having more sales.

Imagine in the case of traditional marketing, putting an ad on the street and public transportation does not equivalent to a direct increase in sales, but the promotion and campaign can improve the visibility of your product and brand.

It is the same in digital marketing. With the aid of technologies, it is easier to trace the effectiveness of the promotion by figures such as the number of likes, view-clicks and shares. In other words, the conversion is one of the indexes for companies or professional marketers to check whether the digital marketing strategy is effective or not and for further improvements in the promotion.

Not only the conversion rate, but digital marketing can also provide you more than what you think in traditional marketing campaigns. Digital marketing can provide you more potential customers’ information by using some tools, like google analytics, which can show the customers’ preferences, nationality, etc.. These data can assist the creation of customer scenarios and promotion strategies to increase the possibility of higher sales. (To see more: Benefits of Data-Driven Marketing)


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Reasons for invest in digital marketing

Increased usage of social media sites

Most of the social media sites have been established in less than 20 years, but the sharp growth of their usage is obvious. In the case of Facebook, there are already more than 2 billion users in 2019.


The trend of social media usage from 2004 to 2019 among the world. Retrieved from Our world in Data


Not only the English-based social media, some social media platforms from China, for example, WeChat, Tik Tok and Weibo, have significant growth in users as well.

In Japan, there is increased usage of social media platforms, especially in Line and Instagram, for all generations. Thus, there are rooms of markets and needs under digitalization in the world.


Because of the pandemic since 2019, the working style has changed from working in office to work-from-home/ remote work.

From the data in 2020, near 85% of the employees are working remotely. In other words, the consumption model of companies and employees has been changing and has become more dependent on the internet.

The trend is not limited to overseas countries, but also applicable in Japan. From the data collected in Japan, there is an increased number of remote working styles as well.

Retrieved from Kankokeizai News


As people are rather staying at home than outside, the way of receiving product and service information has been changing as well. Instead of receiving advertisements in a traditional way on the street, people tend to reach advertisements on the internet, especially on social media.

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With the globalized world, the demographic is more fluid and transnational. Digital marketing can aid products and services to reach more potential customers timelessly and borderless, while traditional marketing is limited by time and space.


The promotion materials can be used and put in a long period of time on the internet, especially on company websites or official accounts on social network platforms. Compared to traditional marketing campaigns, advertisements can only be demonstrated in a few weeks.

Lower cost, more flexible and hit the goal

Digital marketing campaigns require a lower cost than the traditional ones, and with more flexibility.

For example, it is easier and cheaper to change the wordings in contents on the internet, while for traditional advertisements, there is the cost in human power, time and producing advertising materials.

In addition, the reach of the advertisements online is probably more right on the mark to the potential clients, as the digital tools automatically categorize the target group of the advertisement.



As the internet has become inevitable in our everyday life, the need of having digital marketing is definitely increasing as well. After understanding the merits of digital marketing, don’t hesitate to start planning and adopting one for your business!