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Why is a Landing Page Important?

Why is a Landing Page Important?

What is a Landing Page?

Any webpage that a customer lands on in your web is referred to as the landing page. This page stands alone in the marketing scenario, aside from your home page or any other page on your web for that matter. It serves a single purpose of fulfilling any promises made to the visitor in the web content and plays a major role in determining whether the visitor will be a customer. A landing page offers you an opportunity to trade a piece of information, a deal or a special offer for contact information.

Landing pages can be found via your website or through general searches, increasing the chances of a potential customer ending up on your website. A good landing page should be able to convince the visitor that whatever you have to offer is worth their personal details. Landing pages can link or lead to other pages in your website, such as your e- commerce site.

Your website does not have to be limited to just a single landing page at a given time. According to market experts, it’s even better that you have a number of landing pages at a time, each one targeted towards a particular customer base.

Landing Page

Why is a Landing Page important?

Many might be wondering why it is necessary to designate a particular page that receives redirected visitors who click on an online advertisement. You might opt to do without them considering the time and resources that it requires to develop one, or multiple, landing sites.

However, the fact remains that landing pages play a vital part in inbound marketing, and they boost your lead generation efforts. If you’re considering whether or not to have a landing page, below are some of the importance factors of landing pages to make you reconsider.

  • Leads generation

A landing page plays the role of generating leads and converting them into potential customers. Studies have shown that the rate at which dedicated landing pages capture leads is much higher compared to direct trafficking to the home page; it has the highest conversion rate at 23% (Omnisend). Landing pages have proved to be the simplest and most effective means of generating more leads in the online marketing campaign.

  • Data tracking

Data from a landing page can be tracked, which makes it possible to understand the engagement that you get from potential customers. You can tell if your company’s reports has been downloaded by your prospects or whether they have signed up to receive newsletters. This kind of data shows you whether a prospect is ready to make a purchase soon.

You can also tell how your marketing campaign is doing through tracking and analyzing data from landing pages. You can make a comparison of data from various offers to tell which ones perform better as far as marketing is concerned.

  • Collect prospective customer’s information

The main idea of landing pages is that visitors provide their information in exchange to access the available offers. The information that you request on the landing page may vary. Visitors fill out the forms with their information. Then, you’re able to contact and follow up on leads.

Demographics information you acquire from landing pages is equally important as it helps you understand your new leads and categorize them accordingly in order to accurately target what they want. This enables more valuable conversations within your sales team that can use that information to improve sales.

  • Limit distractions

Landing pages remove all the distractions such as links, navigation options and site maps, enabling your visitors to focus on the one thing that brought them to your site in the first place. The options on a landing page are limited compared to the website’s actual home page, where visitors could encounter a variety of other optional actions that may turn out to be a distraction from the original intentions. A visitor on your home page may be tempted to look through your gallery or leave to one of your social profiles.

  • Provide clarification and purpose

Landing pages are meant to be short and precise. It makes it clear whether you want your visitors to contact you, sign up, purchase or download. Don’t leave visitors to figure out what exactly what you expect from them once they are in your site.


It is important that your landing pages stay clean, attractive and relevant. Take a look at your current landing pages and marketing campaigns and make sure that the process is streamlined for visitors. A good landing page will not only maximize your conversion rate, but will improve your profits in the long run as well.

Get more leads and drive sales with a professional landing page.

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