Why Buying Followers is a Bad Idea

Why Buying Followers is a Bad Idea

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You might have seen the following ads circulating on your social media account. But, are they of any help?
Sure, displaying a high number of followers looks tempting and this seems the easy route to take to increase your follower count. Unfortunately, these can harm your account in the long run.
There are hundreds of cheats and ways in which you can “fake grow” on Instagram. Buying followers, comments, and likes are relatively easy to do but are extremely dangerous. Your platform account can be banned and deleted because of the use of these techniques.
A higher number of followers doesn’t mean that products will sell or that your business will gain money. The way to have actual revenue is only if those people are genuinely interested in what you have to offer. If those people are not real or were attracted to your page from suspicious strategies, it wouldn’t mean anything to your business.  Don’t be fooled by the impression that more followers automatically translates to more sales.

Fake Followers = Zero Engagement

If you think that you’ll gain genuine engagement from the purchased followers, remember they aren’t real people but fake chatbots. Though your account may appear well-established at first sight, the posts lack real user engagement.
A bunch of fake followers may be able to like your post or even automatically leave a nice comment. But, they will never give you any conversion. Also, your competitors, influencers, and potential clients can easily find out that you’re using some services of fake followers and as they start to unveil the truth about your profile, it leaves a negative impression on their mind. Thus, you’ll have no good luck with fake Instagram followers.

Inappropriate or Irrelevant Comments

Take the example of an automated comment that we mentioned above. Suppose you were to announce some bad news via an Instagram post. If the bots post a comment such as “nice photo” or something else that is completely irrelevant, it shows engagement that is highly questionable.
In addition, the posts may be in a different language to your own. If there happens to be an offensive or vulgar comment that you accidentally overlook, it makes your account appear ambiguous.

Instagram is Always Keeping an Eye On the Fake Followers

Instagram aims to provide its users with an enjoyable experience. One way they do this is by constantly finding ways to eliminate fake accounts. They recognize the possible signs of fake accounts and make regular purges to erase them. So it’s possible that a few weeks later have pay to buy fake followers, Instagram deletes them and you fall back to the previous number of followers, literally throwing away your money and earning only the risk of being penalized by Instagram’s algorithm.
It is better to invest in a thoughtful Instagram marketing campaign rather than spending that budget on a fruitless strategy like buying fake followers.

They May Expose Your Genuine Followers to Spam

Even if most of the purchased followers are fake, some can be real who use their feeds for spam. If you were to buy the latter of these followers, be ready for a bucket of spam posts. Even worse? They may expose your innocent, genuine followers to spam. If your true followers realize the true nature of these accounts and decide to unfollow you, it causes you to lose genuine engagement.

The Risk of Your Account Being Suspended for Dishonest Practices

Like other social media giants, Instagram has rules every user must abide by. Within its terms and services, it discourages the users from buying followers.
Not only will they purge the fake followers, but they will also suspend an account for ignoring the terms of service. Once you get suspended for being involved in dodgy practices, your posts will no longer look credible!

Buying Fake Followers Won’t Earn You Profit

Purchased followers, whether real or fake, will not spend a penny on your products. Neither will they refer people to you. This type of followers are not really interested in your product or service, so are not potential clients that will convert in a purchase. They’ll not increase the awareness of your brand by reviewing your or spreading information about your business and they won’t contribute in reaching new potential customers.

The problem of Fake Influencers

As you might have thought to buy followers, before learning why do it is a bad idea, consider that unfortunately there are also many “influencers” that buy it have bought fake followers. As you can easily guess, this type of influencers are not useful at all for any Influencer Marketing Strategy and for this reason we recommend you to ask the help of a company like Hatago Consulting when you decide to invest in this type of marketing.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, the reasons mentioned will encourage you to not to indulge in fruitless Instagram marketing strategies like buying followers. Instead, the money you spend on buying them can be invested in genuine marketing efforts. Connect with a real audience that is actually interested in your business and more likely convert.