Micro and Nano Influencers, a powerful choice for higher conversion.

Micro and Nano Influencers, a powerful choice for higher conversion.

Let’s say: influencer marketing is the trend of the moment and if done properly, is also one of the most powerful digital marketing strategies that you can use for your brand.

Of course, choosing the right influencer will make the difference between a successful campaign or wasting of money and time.

In this article we are going to focus on the importance of micro and nano influencers and explain why, even their number of followers is smaller, they are a great choice for your business. According to several national observation centers on Influencer Marketing (US, Italy, UK), an average of 75% of Influencer Marketing Campaign are done with Micro and Nano Influencers. But why exactly are these types of influencers becoming more popular and sought after by big brands?
In a nutshell, it’s all about the authenticity of these influencers and the engagement they conjure.

Who are Micro and Nano Influencers?

Micro and Nano influencers have more natural accounts, more closer to daily-lifestyle, and especially the nano influencers, give the feeling of being a “guy next door.” These influencers have built smaller, more enthusiastic audiences which drive more authentic engagement and help brands reach real people more prepared to make a conversion. Leading brands have learned the value of this new trend and have already included nano-influencers into their marketing strategy. Among them are Remington, Always, and Gillette Venus.

Why Choose Micro and Nano Influencers?

Closer Relationship With their community

Micro and Nano influencers have a close connection with their audience, they have established a good dialogue with them and one-on-one communication, which is much more intimate and engaging.

They are more likely to answer almost every comment, moreover, they don’t just give a catchphrase but provide a quite meaningful answer or ask a question in return to understand their followers better.

They are almost considered a friend by most of their followers. A recent study revealed, that, if a decision requires a rather small investment of time, money, or effort (retail, restaurants, travel services, etc.), we tend to trust our friends more.

These creators are more careful about choosing a product or service for advertisement because they don’t want to disappoint and lose the audience’s trust. This could be translated into a higher possibility of conversion for you since their audience trusts them and will follow more their recommendation and the product they are advertising.

Higher engagement rate

Micro and Nano Influencers really talk to their audience using comments on their posts, they know the most loyal followers and love to interact with them. For this reason, they also have a higher engagement rate, which means that they have higher reachability, thus the cost per impression and engagement would be much lower.

With many businesses looking at ways to increase engagement rates, according to FashionUnited, nano and micro-influencers have an 8.7% higher engagement rate, than the other influencer types.  That means that they have higher reachability, thus the cost per impression and engagement would be much lower.


Micro and Nano Influencers run their channel by themselves, not through an agent or third-part, so it’s easier to negotiate the price for the collaboration, especially if you can offer an added value to the collaboration (desired product, future opportunities,…).
They are also more open to gifted collaboration, where is not required monetary compensation. This could be a choice if you have a limited budget or you want toreceive feedback and opinion about a product from a wide number of people. Micro and Nano influencers are also more likely to allow you to use their contents on your social media or website, without an additional fee, just with the mention or link to them. Be sure to specify in the contract about this point.

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