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Raise Beauty Salon

Beauty Salon Promotion

Beauty Salon in Ginza (Tokyo) wants to implement the business targeting also foreigners living in Tokyo. For this purpose is needed to create an English website (in addition of the Japanese version) and increase the buzz among the foreign community.

Since there is no interest from the client in developing SNS in English, we find the best solution to reach foreigners living in Tokyo into select some foreign influencers with an audience based in Tokyo.


We design and create an English website responsive and with foreign-oriented design.
Scouting og foreign influencers based in Tokyo


English website with fresh design, similar to the original Japanese website, but more foreign-oriented and SEO optimized copywriting.
3 Foreigner Influencers based in Tokyo invited to try a treatment and promote it to their audience.

25k+ people reached
100+click on salon account

WebsiteRaise Beauty Salon

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