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Beauty Brand

Bimajo is a new beauty product brand, focused on aging-care products and collagen supplements.

Using high-quality Japanese ingredients to prevent aging, they’re developing a line of beauty products with “the secret of Japanese ageless beauty”. Their target is English-speaking customers living in Japan and other Asian Countries and they want to reach them mainly through social networks.

Since they are a newborn brand, they choose our Consulting Plan, to learn the best practice and receive support, suggestions and correction on their digital strategy, in order to be able in the future to run their social networks independently. We are helping them in the creation of an editorial calendar, analysis of the results and strategy definition, as well as checking of their progress, providing ideas for the development of marketing strategies.

Hatago Consulting is also managing the brand awareness campaign, through Facebook Advertising campaigns and Influencer Marketing.


Advertising Campaign on Instagram and Facebook

Influencer Marketing for product promotion and feedback.

Strategy support and consulting


More than 100.000 people reached in 3 months, with more than 10.000 actions received  (contents engagement, visit to the website, conversations started).

Despite being a free collaboration with nano influencers, reach was over 5.000 people.

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