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Jesly Villa Tokyo

Hotel Business

We created a website and pamphlet for Jesly Villa Tokyo, a new Halal hotel located in Kisarazu targeting foreigners visiting Japan.

Since it is the first Halal hotel in Japan, we made the website with three different languages in mind (Arabic, English, and Japanese), and designed the website to be Muslim-friendly and mindful of halal. In addition, we took photos and videos to visually show the unique aspects of the hotel.

We created a brochure to match the design of the website that lists the main features of the hotel for easy reference.

Task: To design a website and brochure for a new hotel
Solution: Web Design and Brochure
Provided: Designed and created a multilingual (Arabic, English, and Japanese) website for the hotel. Designed and printed an English brochure
Results: We presented the hotel’s unique aspects through the website to a wide international audience. The brochures allowed the hotel to further advertise to travelers
Presentaion : Hotel Video

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