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Gunma Prefecture

Tourism Board

Gunma Prefecture is developing vegan-friendly options for travellers, and they wanted to promote the area of Ikaho onsen to vegetarian and vegan tourists, especially from Taiwan.

By inviting influencers to join a monitor tour, was possible to collect feedback on the activity done, the suggestion to improve and understand the needs of vegan travellers. Also, at the same time, the influencers promote the area as a tourist destination vegan-friendly.

Hatago Consulting scout and select the best vegan digital creators based in Japan (due to travel restrictions for Covid-19) able to provide effective results and help the client in the digital promotion of the destination as a vegan-friendly place.


Selected 2 Taiwanese vegetarian and vegan influencers, 1 British vegan important personality in Japan in the vegan activism, 1 foreign travel blogger.

Connection with Facebook vegan and vegetarian groups and web media.


3 web articles made_ 300 views in one week

1 Youtube video_360 view in one month

60k+ total reach on social networks

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