Our Works

Toshin Kogyo, Inc.


Since the target audience was foreigners, we made a simple and standard design with “easy to understand” English that would be understood even by non-native English speakers. In addition, we also optimized the use of the website by designing it to be viewed on a smartphone.

We supported recruitment measures using Facebook as a tool and to help build a community around the company. Following on from the creation of web pages for advertising, we also coached ongoing SNS management methods to the company.

We planned and held a networking event aimed at introducing local companies to foreign job seekers. We created a video using footage from the event and used SNS to further establish the brand image of the company.

Task: To create an advertisement for an international audience and a foreigner-friendly application process
Solution: Website, SNS Marketing, and Event Planning Management
Provided : Created a website for foreign recruitment in EnglishProvided Facebook page updates with job advertisement support Planned and executed networking event for foreigners that was advertised on SNS
Results: A large number of foreigners applied through the website after implementing new methods. The corporate branding improved overall through the events and SNS management
Presentation: Event Video

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